What is DiamaPro® UV-HS Plus?

DiamaPro® UV-HS Plus is an ultraviolet light-cured, alphiritic urethane coating. The technology behind this product has been laboratory tested in order to prove its resistance to water, chemicals, and caustic fluids such as Skydrol and battery acid. Additionally, substances found commonly in restaurants, service areas, and manufacturing facilities such as grease, oil and other chemicals are unable to penetrate the coating and stain the surface below. The process of this concrete coating is unlike conventional chemically cured systems because it is cured instantly upon exposure to a portable UV light. This means your business does not spend hours or even days waiting for the coating to cure and for work to resume.

Benefits of DiamaPro® UV-HS Plus

As with all industrial floor coatings, there are many benefits to protecting the workspace your employees and even customers frequent. Taking safety precautions in your business can prevent lawsuits, injuries and more. As a business owner or facilities manager, you understand the importance of a safe, clean environment and our UV-HS Plus system will deliver that without a need to cease business operations for lengthy periods of time. Additionally, DiamaPro® UV-HS Plus uses Microban® – a proprietary bactericide and antimicrobial that stops the growth of allergy and disease-causing germs. Upon installation, your floor is begins resisting bacteria immediately. Add to that the benefits of its low VOC installation and non-slip properties, the DiamaPro® UV-HS Plus is the best floor coating product on the market for any industrial, commercial, or warehouse facility.

Your business needs DiamaPro® UV-HS Plus

Many businesses today seek out products that not only last, but also provide key attributes required by their specific industry. These different businesses have many reasons to choose DiamaPro® UV-HS Plus. Application of this advanced industrial coating is perfect for many industries including:

  • Healthcare Facilities including hospitals, nursing homes and care facilities
  • Warehouses/Storage Facilities
  • Food Manufacturing Factories
  • Gyms and Fitness Facilities
  • Prisons
  • Animal Hospitals/Equine Centers
  • Airplane Hangars
  • School Cafeterias
  • Auto and Service Shops
  • Industrial Kitchens
  • and many more!

There is no better concrete floor coating that will provide you and your business with the safety and assurance than DiamaPro® UV-HS Plus! Avoid losing production hours at a large expense to your business and invest in flooring that will withstand everyday usage for a lifetime.
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