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The Integrity Concrete Coatings Difference

When We Say There is a Difference, We Mean It!

Many home and business owners are familiar with epoxy, whether it is in the form of epoxy paint that can be self-installed or hiring a contractor to install epoxy flooring for them. It’s because of this familiarity that residential, commercial, or industrial spaces tend to have epoxy flooring installed only to regret it a year down the road. While it may be the product you’ve heard of or even the cheaper route – it’s not the best investment. This is where the Integrity Concrete Coatings difference comes in!

Let’s take a look at some of the key ways polyurea and polyaspartic coatings are superior and why they are the cornerstone of the Integrity Concrete Coatings difference!

Difference #1 - Strength

Epoxy is used in many different ways. There are many applications in which epoxy can be the right product for the job. When tested in different arenas, epoxy meets the grade. However, these arenas are not your garage floor, patio, or basement flooring. Epoxy flooring has many pitfalls that over time, wears the floor coating down and causes it to bubble, peel, crack, and pit. We’ve done countless jobs where we have witnessed first-hand the damaging effects the garage environment has on epoxy flooring. Epoxy can pick up the heat of tires and is minimally resistant to oil damage. In contrast, polyurea/polyaspartic flooring used by our trained team has a higher resistance to oil spills in the garage and withstands the heat of a hot tire making it the superior product. This is one of the many reasons why Integrity Concrete Coatings chooses and installs only the best products.

Difference #2 - Durability

Now that you know polyurea and polyaspartic floor coatings are stronger than epoxy, it may not need to be said that with strength comes durability. However, we want to make sure you are able to make the most informed decision when choosing a product for your concrete floors. As a homeowner, you want to invest in a project that will look beautiful and remain reliable for many years to come. This is why choosing polyurea and polyaspartic coatings is the best decision you can make. Compared to epoxy coatings, polyurea and polyaspartic floor coatings are 98% more flexible than epoxy flooring! Add on that our coatings are anti-microbial, anti-bacterial, and 100% UV stable meaning that regardless of installation location, your floors will last!

Difference #3 - Installation Versatility & Flexibility

We have installed coatings in many places for our customers. In residential spaces: basements, utility rooms, garages, patios, pool decks, sunrooms, sidewalks, and driveways. Commercial and industrial floors: warehouses, kitchens, dog kennels, restaurants, retail spaces, and more! The possibilities for application are endless and this is because of the products we use and it’s superior quality. The difference is: epoxy can’t withstand temperature fluctuations, constant exposure to elements including sun, snow, and rain. Having epoxy on your patio will absolutely look great upon installation, but if you want a concrete coating that will look new one, five, ten or more years down the road - you need a product that is rated for exposure, weather, and the environmental effects our outdoor spaces see and that’s polyurea/polyaspartic coatings.

Difference #4 - Warranty, Service, & Satisfaction

There are so many options out there for having your concrete floorings coated. You can invest the time to do-it-yourself, ask a neighbor for a referral, or simply doing a google search will result in a large number of companies ready to give you a quote. Sure, we’re able to provide you a free quote, but there’s more to working with Integrity Concrete Coatings than that. We strongly believe in honest, upfront pricing. We pride ourselves in offering an unbeatable warranty for the work that we do and we stand by it. Integrity isn’t just a name for us, it’s our guiding principle to provide every customer with a product they can enjoy for years to come and ensure complete satisfaction. Our team is committed to meeting and exceeding your expectations - and that is the Integrity Concrete Coatings difference!

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You may see low prices advertised. Sales, discounts, or bundled offers that are meant to distract from the true quality of the product or service you may be buying into. We’ve done the research for you.

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And see the Integrity Concrete Coatings difference!


Whether it’s 1 year, 5 years, or even 10 years - you’ll be happy you chose us and your concrete coatings will show it!

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