When the sun is out and summer is in full swing, there are few things nicer than being able to hang out at your pool. Whether you like hanging your legs over the edge of the pool deck into the cool water or you like lounging with some lemonade and a good book, your pool can be a delightful place to enjoy a sunny day. Unfortunately, a pool has drawbacks that many often overlook.

If you have a pool on your property, you understand that there are many safety concerns. It is incredibly important to have a safe and functional pool deck to avoid any catastrophic accidents. Oftentimes, pool decks can be slippery, extremely hot, or even chipped, which could lead to an injury that can easily be avoided if some basic precautions are taken. If you haven’t applied a concrete resurfacing product or pool deck coating in a few years, the pool deck can also have an unattractive, faded look.

If you are ready to transform your pool deck by making it a safe, welcoming, and inviting area of your home, make sure that you get your pool deck resurfaced. If you live in Illinois, Wisconsin, or the Tampa Bay Area, consider hiring the experts at Integrity Concrete Coatings. We specialize in all exterior and interior concrete coatings, and we would be happy to transform your pool deck. Give us a call today for a free estimate at (815) 220-5015 in Wisconsin and Illinois or (813) 982-4244 in the Tampa Bay Area.

Benefits of a Concrete Deck Coating


There are two major concerns when it comes to pool safety and comfort: traction and heat. Many pool accidents occur as a result of running, and during the summer the pool deck can heat up to temperatures that soar well over the hundreds. By installing a pool deck coating on the area around the pool, you can reduce the chance of injury due to slipping or falling. Most concrete deck coatings have a unique, non-slip texture that provides greater traction — no matter how wet your feet or the pool deck may be. Pool deck coatings are also excellent at reflecting UV rays, resulting in a cooler, more comfortable pool deck.


In addition to providing a cooler pool deck, the UV-resistant properties of a concrete deck coating also reduce any UV degradation that normally occurs on concrete surfaces. Nothing is more unappealing than a dry, cracked, and chipped pool deck. By applying a concrete deck coating, you can increase the durability of your pool deck while also increasing its appearance and longevity. The durable nature of a concrete deck coating will ensure that you and your family can have fun in the sun for many years to come.


If you are looking to add some pizzazz or a unique twist to your pool area, skip the faux palm trees and go with a classy, stylish concrete deck coating for your residential pool. Integrity Concrete Coatings has a wide variety of different colors and metallic finishes that can bring a personalized touch to your concrete pool deck. With a customized concrete deck coating, you won’t shy away from hosting your next Fourth of July party.

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If you are ready to try transforming your backyard into a safe, stylish space with a customizable, durable, and sensible concrete deck coating, be sure to hire the experts at Integrity Concrete Coatings. Our trained technicians will provide you with a free estimate on your pool deck coating. When you are ready, they will complete the job efficiently and effectively. Customer service is a top priority, and we will work with you to get you the pool deck you want. Give Integrity Concrete Coatings a call at (815) 220-5015 in Wisconsin and Illinois or (813) 982-4244 in the Tampa Bay Area to transform your pool deck today.