The success of your business depends on the safety & efficiency of your workforce.

When employees work on slippery, unsafe, and unsanitary floors in a warehouse or production line, your business is exposed to a variety of risks that pose legal and financial consequences. When your workplace is unsafe, your business is unsafe.

No one understands this more than the concrete floor coatings experts at Integrity Concrete Coatings. We have years of experience working on warehouse concrete floor coatings, manufacturing plant concrete coatings, and more. By installing a concrete floor coating, especially our polyurea concrete floor coating, you can reduce the risk of workplace injuries caused by slipping. With our coatings, you can also rest assured that you no longer need to worry about bacterial growth on the floor.

We offer a variety of different flooring solutions for industrial properties. Whether you are looking for polyurea floor coating or you need concrete polishing, Integrity Concrete Coatings in the Chicagoland, Tampa Bay, and Wisconsin areas is here to help your business grow and minimize your risks.

Industrial Concrete Floor Coatings

Industrial concrete floor coatings increase the safety of your industrial space. From the non-porous, antibacterial properties of both epoxy and polyurea to the non-slip functionality, concrete floor coatings can reduce the risk of injury or sickness for your manufacturing or warehouse workers.

Industrial concrete floor coatings are also excellent for extending the lifespan of your concrete floor. Warehouse floors undergo incredible stress, especially if you are driving vehicles and have extensive foot traffic. Over the years, concrete floors crack, chip, and deteriorate, posing safety risks to those that have to walk on them. Having your industrial concrete floors coated will increase their durability and reduce the possibility of injuries or accidents.

Polyurea vs. Epoxy Flooring for Industrial Applications

While many business favor epoxy coating, the best concrete floor coating is a polyurea concrete floor coating. While epoxy can take a few days to be installed, polyurea can be installed in one single day. This means that your warehouse or production facility only has to stop working for one day while our technicians make it safer and cleaner with a polyurea concrete floor coating.

Polyurea floor coatings for industrial spaces are also perfect because they are four times stronger than epoxy. This means that when heavy equipment is dropped, you won’t have to worry about damaged concrete. Polyurea floor coatings are also completely microbial and bacteria resistant, meaning that your facilities can be safer and healthier for both the workers and the consumers of your products.

Concrete Polishing in Chicagoland, Tampa Bay & Surrounding Areas

Another service we offer for industrial flooring is concrete polishing. If you have old and worn concrete flooring in your industrial space, consider using concrete polishing to transform and resurface the floor.

When you hire Integrity Concrete Flooring to polish your concrete floors, your floors will have increased durability, a glossy finish, and a non-porous surface, making it harder for bacteria to grow in the floors. Polished concrete is also easier to clean, eliminating the need to have a dedicated cleaning crew to mop, disinfect, and wax the floors on a routine basis.

Concrete polishing is incredibly versatile for a variety of industrial spaces. The most common applications of concrete polishing are in the following industries:

  • Warehouses
  • Manufacturing Lines
  • Production Plants
  • Shipping and Processing Facilities

If you own an industrial property or operate out of one in the Chicagoland, Tampa Bay area or Wisconsin, be sure to contact Integrity Concrete Coatings today. Our certified and highly trained technicians can provide you with a wide variety of concrete floor polishing and coating services. If you have any questions call us today.