Have a garage floor that’s cracked and weathered? Tired of that boring grey concrete staring back at you every time you go in the garage? At Integrity Concrete Coatings in Northern Illinois, we can take that boring garage floor and turn it into something you and others will truly admire. When you choose Integrity Concrete, our professional flooring contractors will work with you to create the garage you’ve always wanted. Our designers will create something that’s truly unique to your home, whether it’s concrete or our polyurea coating, which is even better than regular epoxy, you’ll love walking onto your new custom garage floor. Integrity can help transform your home or business garage into a work of art that will keep you and everyone else coming back for more. Keep scrolling to see what Integrity Concrete Coatings can do for you!

Residential Garage Coatings

Looking to redo that outdated garage floor at your home? Integrity Concrete Coatings offers the best residential garage floor coatings in Northern Illinois. Whether you choose traditional concrete or a custom version of our polyurea garage floor covering, you’ll get the highest quality garage resurfacing services around. Our flooring contractors will take into account what you like, what you don’t like, and present some ideas on ways to customize your garage. One of the best ways to do this is to get our custom polyurea garage coating. Polyurea is antibacterial and very easy to clean, making it an even better option than traditional concrete garage floor coating. Contact Integrity Concrete Coverings today to get your free estimate for your custom residential garage coating.

Commercial Garage Coatings

Whether you’re looking for a new custom concrete floor for your autobody garage, or you want a new polyurea floor for your showroom, Integrity Concrete in Northern Illinois will be able to make your business a truly unique experience for all. Not only is our polyurea garage floor coating even stronger than normal epoxy garage coatings, it’s easier to clean and is completely UV stable, ensuring that it will last for years on end. Sanitary and more than capable of standing up to the constant wear and tear of machinery, vehicles, and weather, our polyurea coating for garages lasts even longer than traditional concrete and epoxy floor coating. Upgrade your company’s garage by contacting Integrity Concrete today!

Industrial Garage Coatings

Industrial garages and buildings are always difficult to have to clean. Between high traffic, lots of heavy machinery, tons of spills constantly happening, and no one having the time to maintain them can wreak havoc on concrete and epoxy flooring. Polyurea flooring will hold up to the high demands that come with being an industrial garage floor. Not only is it stronger than traditional concrete and epoxy, but it’s more flexible, easier to clean, and even more durable than both concrete and epoxy. Plus it has a shinier finish that will last through weathering, extreme temperatures, chemical spills, and blunt force. Upgrade to a custom polyurea garage floor for your industrial building today by contacting the professional flooring company at Integrity Concrete Coverings in Northern Illinois.

Features of polyurea:

  • Can be installed in a single day
  • 98 percent more flexible than epoxy coating floors
  • Four times stronger than epoxy
  • Offer twice the adhesion strength of epoxy
  • 100 percent antibacterial, antimicrobial, and easy to clean
  • UV resistant
  • Five year guaranteed warranty

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Get that garage you’ve been dreaming of when you partner with Northern Illinois’ Integrity Concrete Coverings. Contact us today to learn more and get your free quote for your next project.