Think about how many of your home’s outdoor spaces have concrete floorings. Have you noticed any unsightly stains, chips, or cracks in your concrete floors? Are you dreading having to get your exterior concrete floor redone because of gradual wear and tear? What if there was a way to maintain your exterior concrete floors without replacing them every year?

Fortunately, there is an easy solution to all of your exterior concrete flooring worries. At Integrity Concrete Concrete Coatings, we have been serving northern Illinois, Wisconsin, and Tampa, Florida for many years. Most recently, we’ve opened up shop in Colorado, because we understand the need for professional, honest, and reliable concrete floor coating technicians.

If you want to preserve and protect your exterior concrete floors, consider getting an epoxy or polyurea coating applied. For more information on each of these products, be sure to either visit the rest of our website or contact us today by filling out our contact form on the website.

Concrete Floor Coatings for Your Patio

Do you enjoy hosting barbeques or fun summer events on your patio? Are you annoyed with unsightly stains or cracks? Are you worried a guest could trip over some chipped concrete? Installing concrete floor coatings for your patio can transform your outdoor space.

By choosing to have a durable concrete coating applied to your patio, you can add a variety of textures, colors, and designs that will turn your boring concrete patio into a unique, personalized space. Applying a concrete floor coating to your patio will also make the floor slip-resistant if it rains.

Another added bonus to installing a durable concrete floor coating for your patio is that it will be much more resistant to cracking. While epoxy floor coatings are durable and can prevent cracks and chipping, Integrity Concrete Coatings also offers polyurea floor coating.

Polyurea is four times stronger than epoxy floor coatings, twice as adhesive, more flexible than epoxy, and can be installed in a single day with you walking on your patio in as little as 12 hours after installation. Another added bonus about polyurea is that it is 100-percent antibacterial, antimicrobial, and easy to clean. Don’t worry about scrubbing your patio to remove algae and other grime that develops in the concrete — a polyurea concrete floor coating will protect your patio from the elements.

Concrete Floor Coatings for Pathways and Gardens

Many folks like to spend plenty of time in the outdoors. During the summer months, it can be incredibly nice to escape to your garden for rest and solitude. Your garden can also host some incredible parties and special events. Make sure that your walkways and pathways are secure, slip-resistant, and durable with a concrete floor coating from Integrity Concrete Coatings.

Gardens and backyards are susceptible to water, and the pathways that may meander through your garden can wear down awfully quickly — plus, who likes looking at plain, faded concrete? When you apply a concrete floor coating, you can add a personal touch to your flooring that is sure to please all of your guests. Whether you like bright colors, interesting patterns, or just a nice, neutral Earth tone, there is a concrete coating for everyone.

The best part about getting your concrete walkways and paths coated with epoxy or polyurea is that they will be incredibly durable. No matter how hard it rains or how much neglect your walkways and paths face, they will be able to stand up to the elements for much longer than untreated concrete.

Concrete Floor Coatings Solutions in Illinois, Wisconsin, Colorado and the Tampa Bay Area

If you are ready to experience a better, safer backyard and exterior floor, be sure to reach out to the professionals at Integrity Concrete Coatings. Our technicians have years of experience working on all types of concrete. From industrial floor coatings to pool decks, you can count on Integrity Concrete Coatings to turn your concrete into a safe, durable, and brilliant coated concrete surface.

Integrity Concrete Coatings services northern Illinois, Wisconsin, Colorado, and the Tampa Bay Area, Florida. Call us today or visit the rest of our website for more information on our concrete coating services. Be sure to ask us about polyurea treatments and our quick installation times!