After more than 30 years of intricate paint application and working with homeowners like yourself, our professionals know a thing or two about hard work, customer service, and a job well done. As trained and certified installers, we are confident in our ability to coat even the most uneven of surfaces. Whether you are looking for a new garage floor coating or a cost-effective way to resurface your industrial floors, our residential and commercial flooring contractors can help you accomplish your goals.

We understand that your home, business, or industrial site is a direct reflection on you. With that said, we promise to provide only the best in application and materials. Our wide selection of concrete coatings ensures you can find a style to match your preferences and operational goals. We specialize in premium polyurea, which effortlessly combines unparalleled strength and dazzling style. Polyurea is 98 percent more flexible and four times stronger than epoxy. Contact us today to learn more about this remarkably durable and cost-effective concrete coating.  

What sets us apart from other commercial and residential flooring contractors? We do all of our installations in just 24 hours. In only one day, we take your flooring to the next level. From an office floor to the garage, industrial building to a back patio, we have the experience and knowledge to transform your concrete floors. Set your space apart from the rest by fusing the strength and durability of polyurea with the style and finesse of your favorite flooring color and design. And, with a complimentary 15-year manufacturer warranty, there is no risk.

Reach out to our team today. Integrity Concrete Coatings is the premier choice in Northern Illinois, Tampa, and Wisconsin when it comes to lasting concrete coatings.